You've noticed the current state of shaving: overpriced refill cartridges with more blades than your face really needs. Maybe you turned to disposables, or even a subscription service, due to your dissatisfaction with the major brands. Some of you are even more forward thinking, switching over to shaving with classic Double-Edge razors, with their classic designs. This is our response to the current state of shaving: Standard Razors, a shave you've got to experience to believe. Find out why our users call our shave "perfect."

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Two anodized finishes: Matte Raw and Matte Black, plus one rare colorway: Gunmetal. Precision-machined head geometry. Non-slip grip. Stainless steel threads.

We launched Standard Razors to bring shaving back from being a chore and an economical drain, to being an experience you'll want to ritualize.

Utilizing the tried-and-true double-edge blade, Standard Razors is one of the most economical ways to shave. Replacement blades cost less than $0.20; most users will recover the initial purchase cost of Standard Razors in less than 6 months. All different brands of blades can be used with Standard Razors.

The core of the Standard Razors experience is our head geometry. We machine Standard Razors from aircraft-grade Aluminum for a shave geometry that our users almost unanimously consider, "a perfect shave."

Find out why our users, from new double-edge shavers to even the most experienced Safety Razor users, love our product. 


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