You've noticed the current state of shaving: overpriced refill cartridges with more blades than your face really needs. Maybe you turned to disposables, or even a subscription service, due to your dissatisfaction with the major brands. Some of you are even more forward thinking, switching over to shaving with classic Double-Edge razors, with their classic designs. This is our response to the current state of shaving: Standard Razors, a shave you've got to experience to believe. Find out why our users call our shave "perfect."

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Two anodized finishes: Matte Raw and Matte Black. Precision-machined head geometry. Non-slip grip. Stainless steel threads.

We launched Standard Razors to bring shaving back from being a chore and an economical drain, to being an experience you'll want to ritualize.

Utilizing the tried-and-true double-edge blade, Standard Razors is one of the most economical ways to shave. Replacement blades cost less than $0.20; most users will recover the initial purchase cost of Standard Razors in less than 6 months. All different brands of blades can be used with Standard Razors, unlike our rivals who force users into expensive, proprietary refills. You'll receive a FREE Astra blade with each purchase.

The core of the Standard Razors experience is our head geometry. We machine Standard Razors from aircraft-grade Aluminum for a shave geometry that our users almost unanimously consider, "a perfect shave."

For more information about Standard Razors, including Reviews and a How-to Guide, check out our FAQs page up top. Find out why our users, from new double-edge shavers to even the most experienced Safety Razor users, love our product. 


Heads Up!

October 08, 2014

Just wanted to remind everyone that we revert to standard shipping again after midnight tonight, so get your orders in! We're already out of stock in the Black model and the Raw will soon follow. It'll be a short while before we're fully restocked. Continue Reading →

Black Model Stock is Low, and Shaving Mistakes...

October 03, 2014

Our Black Model, as is often the case when we're running a limited time sale (Free Shipping until Wednesday, and a special promo code for our previous subscribers), is in low stock status again. The Raw is not too far behind either. It may be closer to the end of October when we're fully restocked again. We expect to be sold out before October 8. Now, we've been in touch with a lot of our recent users, and we're happy to report that we've been able to switch many users over to their first safety razor using our product. We're delighted, and so are they. But we just had to be sure that everyone was getting the technique down right,... Continue Reading →

Free Shipping for One Week!

October 01, 2014

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we're currently waiving the shipping cost for you guys for the next 7 days. On October 8 (that's next week Wednesday), we'll be going back to our regular shipping prices. In case many of you didn't notice, we actually reduced both our domestic and international shipping rates to honestly reflect the current shipping costs. On top of that, we're giving you Free Shipping for the next 7 days. We've got to clear our inventory to make room the upcoming Holiday Season, so get your orders in now! Continue Reading →

Lumberjac's Review with Photos, Plus our Newsletter

September 24, 2014

Lumberjac, the premier goods website, has just posted their review of our razors. What's awesome about them is that they're relatively new to this kind of shaving, and like all of our new customers, they love the shave. Some have said they'll never go back to cartridge razors again! Here's the review: They've got some great photos there too; this one is our favorite:   We're entering our pre-Holiday Season period, so we've got to clear out some stock. Before the end of September, we'll be sending out a really awesome email. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Don't worry, if you order before then, we'll retroactively apply anything special you may have missed out on.    ... Continue Reading →