You've noticed the current state of shaving: overpriced refill cartridges with more blades than your face really needs. Maybe you turned to disposables, or even a subscription service, due to your dissatisfaction with the major brands. Some of you are even more forward thinking, switching over to shaving with classic Double-Edge razors, with their classic designs. This is our response to the current state of shaving: Standard Razors, a shave you've got to experience to believe. Find out why our users call our shave "perfect."

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Two anodized finishes: Matte Raw and Matte Black, plus one rare colorway: Gunmetal. Precision-machined head geometry. Non-slip grip. Stainless steel threads.

We launched Standard Razors to bring shaving back from being a chore and an economical drain, to being an experience you'll want to ritualize.

Utilizing the tried-and-true double-edge blade, Standard Razors is one of the most economical ways to shave. Replacement blades cost less than $0.20; most users will recover the initial purchase cost of Standard Razors in less than 6 months. All different brands of blades can be used with Standard Razors, unlike our rivals who force users into expensive, proprietary refills. You'll receive a FREE Astra blade with each purchase.

The core of the Standard Razors experience is our head geometry. We machine Standard Razors from aircraft-grade Aluminum for a shave geometry that our users almost unanimously consider, "a perfect shave."

For more information about Standard Razors, including Reviews and a How-to Guide, check out our FAQs page up top. Find out why our users, from new double-edge shavers to even the most experienced Safety Razor users, love our product. 


Shipping Update 2...

April 25, 2015

We've gotten a handful of emails from those who preordered, so we thought we'd post here to make a clarification. In our preorder email that we sent out, we stated that orders would ship within two weeks. We mistakenly forgot to add that this meant two weeks after the preorder period ends (which is what makes it a preorder). We sincerely apologize for the lack of clarity. It's not our intention to misinform, and we took it for granted that the "after the preorder period ends" part would be understood. We've changed our fulfillment center once again to a much larger one in order to make the shipping process much, much smoother. They've notified us that orders will ship this... Continue Reading →

Availability Update...

April 16, 2015

Turns out also sold out of our product! Don't worry, as you still have a few days to purchase from at 44% off. Be sure to check out this preorder link: Just wanted to keep everyone up to date. Continue Reading →

Preorders Sold Out, Shipping Update!

April 16, 2015

Now that our preorder period is closed (prematurely, due to us selling out about 4 days early), we'll begin prepping the shipment. We expect to begin shipping around Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. We've changed our fulfillment center to provide more streamlined and quicker shipment of all orders, including international ones. If you're still looking to get a great discount through a preorder, is carrying our product at an excellent price. Get your orders in; soon will hold our product exclusively for a period of several months while we rework a few things here on the back end. Continue Reading →

Awesome Preorder!

April 06, 2015

We launched our preorder earlier today and we're selling through our stock of Black on Black and Raw on Raw sets; that's what happens when you sell a highly-rated shaving set at a 25% discount. There are many of you who may miss out on this preorder opportunity due to high demand, but don't fret, as we've got another preorder coming in afterwards (albeit with a longer wait time, as this preorder will ship within two weeks). We're setting up these preorders in anticipation of some backend changes that will take a while to develop here at Standard HQ. Regardless, we'll always be here to offer the same level of support you've come to enjoy. Oh, and if you haven't... Continue Reading →