You've noticed the current state of shaving: overpriced refill cartridges with more blades than your face really needs. Maybe you turned to disposables, or even a subscription service, due to your dissatisfaction with the major brands. Some of you are even more forward thinking, switching over to shaving with classic Double-Edge razors, with their classic designs. This is our response to the current state of shaving: Standard Razors, a shave you've got to experience to believe. Find out why our users call our shave "perfect."

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Two anodized finishes: Matte Raw and Matte Black, plus one rare colorway: Gunmetal. Precision-machined head geometry. Non-slip grip. Stainless steel threads.

We launched Standard Razors to bring shaving back from being a chore and an economical drain, to being an experience you'll want to ritualize.

Utilizing the tried-and-true double-edge blade, Standard Razors is one of the most economical ways to shave. Replacement blades cost less than $0.20; most users will recover the initial purchase cost of Standard Razors in less than 6 months. All different brands of blades can be used with Standard Razors, unlike our rivals who force users into expensive, proprietary refills. You'll receive a FREE Astra blade with each purchase.

The core of the Standard Razors experience is our head geometry. We machine Standard Razors from aircraft-grade Aluminum for a shave geometry that our users almost unanimously consider, "a perfect shave."

For more information about Standard Razors, including Reviews and a How-to Guide, check out our FAQs page up top. Find out why our users, from new double-edge shavers to even the most experienced Safety Razor users, love our product. 


Lookout for Preorder Opportunities...

March 15, 2015

Our site's been quiet for a while, but don't fret: we're working on a few preorder opportunities for everyone.  The first will be from our own online shop, and will bring back the highly requested Raw model. Only subscribers to our newsletter will be notified of the limited-time (and limited quantity) preorder for Raw and Black model Standard Razors. If you haven't joined the thousands of people on our newsletter, it would be wise to do so now. The second preorder will be from one of our partner stores. We're keeping that one under wraps for now, but it will be just as awesome as our own preorder setup. Continue Reading →

It was exclusive to Esquire Magazine...

February 11, 2015

Last year, we were quietly featured in Esquire Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide. It was an honor, and we were excited to be featured in such an esteemed publication. To celebrate, we created a custom colorway, exclusive to Esquire, called Gunmetal. Our Gunmetal color was based on Pantone Cool Gray 6, carefully chosen to be just a shade darker than our original Raw color. Photos don't do it justice; comparing the two side-by-side, you'll see something new in the Gunmetal color. It was designed to be fairly matte, with just an added bit of shine to it. We've brought it back, for a limited time, because it sold out rather quickly during it's first feature. In fact, many of you had... Continue Reading →

Back in Stock Soon...

February 06, 2015

Thanks for the patience everyone, as we're done machining and going through our finishing and final quality-control checks on this current production batch. Now, judging by the volume of emails and messages we're getting asking for the the Raw and Black models (as well as the Raw on Raw and Black on Black), some of you are itching to get your orders in right now. We don't blame you one little bit, since our razors are getting more and more popular with people posting reviews on forums touting their great shave. So here are a couple of links to previous blog posts that list places where you can get your hands on our products. They're trusted partners so don't be... Continue Reading →

Quick Update...

January 29, 2015

We've made a few adjustments to our website to provide faster performance regardless of the device you're using. It may be incremental, but it matters to us and should give an improved overall experience. We still have a few blemished Raw units on sale at a discount. If you're looking for new Raw units, Knockout Shave ( has them in stock. Our Black on Black sets can be had at the Klhip store ( Their site looks great and they have excellent shipping prices. If any of our links were broken before, apologies. We've been making adjustments to our store to provide a better experience for everyone. Continue Reading →