-Q: Do you ship to (insert name of country here)?

-A: We've shipped our product all over the world, so the answer is yes, we do ship to where you are.

-Q: I'm concerned about the grip on your handle. Isn't it slippery?

-A: Absolutely not. Our surface finish and geometry are specifically designed for maximum control. Many have voiced this concern, only to have their worries wiped away after their first shave. All that they experience is the best shave of their life, under absolute control.

-Q: Isn't your razor too light to give a traditional double-edge shave?

-A: Frankly, we didn't design for your traditional double-edge shave - we designed our products to shave even better. We designed for the overall feel: the way the handle feels, the weight and the head geometry combine to give the best shave you've ever experienced.

-Q: What are Standard Razors made out of? 

-A: All of our products are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that has been used in many of Apple's premium products (iPhone, iPad, etc)


Reviews of Standard Razors

"The fit, finish and workmanship is excellent throughout." "A perfect shave with Standard Razors" -Michael Ham

"I've used the Standard Razor a few times now and I am very impressed.  I hate to say it but it may just replace the Futur for my day to day use." - Timothy Graf, comparing Standard Razors to one of the major competitors.

"Shaves better than any of my other 200 test razors and I cannot believe it is this good at such an incredible price. Trust me I know my razors and I have bought every new issue and brand ever made... let me put it this way... THIS ROCKS!!! or perhaps another way... THIS SHAVES!!!" -Harvey Shapiro

"It's become one of my favorite razors" -Jerry Banks

"I now have 25+ shaves under my belt with the new Standard Black, and it has slipped into the front of my DE rotation…not only does it seem to bring out the best in various blades, but the comfort has to be experienced to be believed. Nothing I’ve ever shaved with - electric, cartridge, or any other DE - has given me a closer, more comfortable shave. Hats off to Standard Razors for, well, setting the standard!" -Todd Rollin


How to Shave with a Double-Edge Razor (Safety Razor)

This is the better way to shave. This is the way your grandfather shaved. The benefits are already well known and documented:

  • less razor burn and irritation
  • lower lifetime-use cost, as compared to big, multi-bladed brands.
  • $0.12-0.20 per blade, with each blade maintaining sharpness through several uses.
  • a classic shaving experience, with a community of passionate users.

A Standard Razors shave is best achieved as follows:

  • thoroughly wash your face, using the warmest water you can comfortably handle.
  • using your shaving soap/cream of choice, lather the shaving area.
  • with a good, sharp double-edged blade installed in your Standard Razors handle, apply light pressure and short strokes.
  • lather again, repeating the same procedure across and against the grain, if desired.
The safety razor community is highly passionate. If you want a more visual explanation, you can watch several video tutorials online


Returns / Refunds
  • We believe that Standard Razors are the best product on the market - and we stand behind that with a money back guarantee. If, for any reason, within 14 days of receiving your order, you are not completely satisfied with your StandardRazors.com purchase, just send us an email at support@standardrazors.com and we will go through the steps to obtain a complete refund of your purchase price (excluding shipping charges).
  • In the unlikely case you received a damaged or defective item from us, or the wrong item was shipped to you, please reach out to us within 14 days of receiving your item and we will work with you to resolve any issue you may have (as long as they are razor-related!):
  • For any issues related to your purchases from StandardRazors.com, please contact us at support@standardrazors.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible!
  • If you are located in the United States you now have two shipping options for your purchase from Standard Razors:
    • $5 USPS First Class - Your order should arrive within 5-8 business days
    • $10 USPS Priority Mail - Your order should arrive within 2-5 business days
  • International purchases are sent via USPS first class for a flat $15/order shipping cost - so buy as much as you'd like and it's still $15 shipping!
    • Due to the nature of international shipping, these orders can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to arrive
    • We also offer expedited international shipping - please contact us for rates to your location
    • You will be responsible for any import taxes/duties/customs fees/etc on your purchase
  • Please make sure you have listed your correct shipping address before submitting your payment. We are not responsible for items sent to incorrect addresses and will not refund or replace items ordered and shipped to an incorrect address.
  • We are currently fulfilling all orders internally, and require 1-2 days to process