About Standard Razors


You've noticed the current state of shaving: overpriced refill cartridges with an extra blade added every few years. Maybe you turned to disposables, or even a subscription service, due to your dissatisfaction with the major brands. Some of you are even more forward thinking, switching over to shaving with classic Double-Edge razors, with their classic designs. This is our response to the current state: Standard Razors.

We launched Standard Razors to bring shaving back from being a chore and an economical drain, to being an experience worth ritualizing. With the average man shaving 3 times a week, Standard Razors aims to shake up the establishment.


Utilizing the tried-and-true double-edge blade, Standard Razors is one of the most economical ways to shave. With safety-razor blades costing anywhere from $0.12-0.20 per blade, most users will recover the initial purchase cost using Standard Razors in less than 6 months, as compared to our multi-bladed rivals. All different brands of blades can be used with Standard Razors, unlike our rivals who force users into expensive, proprietary refills.


The core of the Standard Razors experience is our head geometry. We machine Standard Razors from aircraft-grade Aluminum for a shave geometry that our users almost unanimously consider, "a perfect shave."

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