A Video Primer on Shaving...

The N.Y. Shaving Co. and Bespoke Post collaborated on a video together, which features our signature Standard Razors Black Model.

The video is titled "How (and Why) to Use a Safety Razor" and it's a relatively short (but sweet) video that is true to its title.

Now, a lot of you are experienced Safety Razor users, but the video is well-made and shows our product in action, so you may just fall in love with it. Plus, it's short, which should leave you more time for shaving.

There are quite a number of you who are new to this type of shaving though, so here's a quick review from one of our newest users, Raul Espinoza Jr. (@RaulEspinozaJr on Twitter):

"Awesome razor. First time using a DE so I'm learning slowly. Razor is flawless and very sleek."

Guess you can fit a good review in 140 characters or less.

Here's the video we mentioned:

Here's the direct link in case you can't see it above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GA7jHhNmiw