A Brief Update

I know it has been a little while - and based on the inquiries and feedback we've been receiving, you're all hungry for more razors. So here's all the information we can share right now:

- We have an order currently in the late stages of production and will be back in stock soon with black, raw, AND gunmetal razors and bases! 

- Once we have a firm "back in stock" date, we'll announce it to our newsletter subscribers as well as on our social media, so make sure you're connected with us if you want to be one of the first to hear! For all of the ways you can connect with us just go here.

- We are working on a small website redesign, so you may notice changes to pictures, pages, content, etc. We welcome all feedback - just drop us a note here

That's all for now - thanks for your loyalty, and happy shaving!
-Standard Razors