A Few of Our Favorite Reviews for Standard Razors!

Reviews for Standard Razors come from far and wide. Sometimes we get them in our inboxes, sometimes we find them online at random. Regardless, we appreciate the feedback - and really appreciate the kind words you guys are writing about us!!

We have shared a few published reviews below. If you know of others (or have written one yourself) please shoot us an email with a link!

Review 1, by Tieste over at The Shave Nook:

Review 2, by Prashant over at Badger and Blade:

  • "I have difficulty holding back my enthusiasm for this razor. The fit, finish and shave is great and it would be a great addition to any shave den. I highly recommend it."
  • Read the full review here: Badger and Blade Standard Razors User Review

Review 3, by our friends at Lumberjac - this is an old review, but a classic nonetheless:

  • "We can confidently say we now have a love-love relationship with shaving using our new Standard Razors...."
  • Read the full review here: Lumberjac Standard Razors Review

Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Shaving!