Standard Razors - Aluminum Series - Raw Silver

  • A classic 3 piece double edge safety razor with a modern design, delivered in sleek packaging - makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one!
  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum - just like many of your favorite Apple products - with a durable anodized black or silver finish that won't peel, chip, or fade
  • Our newly designed top cap and base plate fits more consistently and securely than ever before - leading to a uniform blade gap and an even more comfortable shaving experience than the original!
  • No more hunting for the correct replacement "cartridge" - Standard Razors are compatible with all double-edge razor blades - which are widely and inexpensively available
  • Lightweight aluminum construction reduces fatigue and lets you feel refreshed after each shave. We've heard from our customers that this is the "perfect" razor for everyone from beginners to advanced safety razor users!
  • Standard Razors are a unisex product - great for removing unwanted hair wherever it shows up

    Introducing our newest line of double edge safety razors - the Aluminum Series from Standard Razors! Whether you're new to shaving with a safety razor or a seasoned wet shaver, this razor will work perfectly for you. Our razors are milled from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum - so even though they're lightweight - they are crafted to last a lifetime. The aluminum surface is anodized to protect the components and provide a beautiful finish. The premium materials we use cost us more, but ensures our razors meet our standards and as our name suggests - sets the standard that others are measured against! 

    Standard Razors are a traditional three piece closed comb design - a top cap with integrated screw, base plate, and a handle. While our handle isn't knurled like other safety razors, most of our users find the handle perfectly grippy and love the sleek aesthetic that the smooth handle provides. Our razors are compatible with just about all double edge razor blades on the market - which can be purchased for a fraction of the price of the cartridge shaving systems. While safety razor shaving has been traditionally male-focused, our razors can be used by men, women, and anyone else who wants an amazing shave! 

    We launched our original line of safety razors in late 2013 and since then have sold tens of thousands of razors and stands to happy clients all over the world. Based on the feedback we received from our customers along with extensive development work with our engineering and manufacturing partners we upgraded every part of the original razor to come up with the Aluminum Series. We are a very small family owned business and we are so proud of these razors - and can't wait for you to experience them for yourself! Whether it's for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one - thank you for taking a look and please reach out if you have any questions about our razors!

    Compatibility - works with all double-edge razor blades
    Material - machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with a permanently affixed stainless steel screw to hold everything together
    Finish - available in a raw silver (shown here) or black anodized finish (here)
    Weight - 1.7oz (47 grams)
    Questions - please see our FAQ page here

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